Our Spectrum

Wellness for Organizations

Achieve high quality Employee Engagement through data based Wellness Program. Get analytics on the various wellness aspects of your organization.

Wellness for Individuals

Know yourself better. Understand your wellness needs - physical, mental and social. Develop a personalized Wellness program.


Do your employees need to choose between health and wealth? We believe that they must have both - we call it "whealth". Whealthboard offers you the opportunity to develop effective health programs for your employees. The program selection is data driven and individual focussed.

Whealthboard - stay whealthy

It is our mission to help organizations optimize their productivity and utilisation through "Employee Wellness". We help you get deep insights into your employees' wellness needs by capturing the right data and analysing it. Add to this the indepth knowledge of our consultant panels of HR professionals, psychologists and doctors, that have gone into our software and you get an incredible tool to help you bring out the best in your employees!

  • Wellness StrategyBuild data driven wellness strategies for your organization. Make them effective and attractive.
  • MeasureMeasure the benefits derived from your wellness programs. Determine how successful they actually are.
  • Monitor Service ProvidersMeasure the performance of your programs. Manage your service providers with metrics.
  • Reward your EmployeesReward your employees for wellness participation. Let them monitor their own progress.
  • Create AwarenessCreate awareness among the employees about Wellness. Give them wellness eduction.
  • Engagement at its bestMake Wellness the focus of your engagement programs. Develop a productive work force.

Technical Information

Cloud based

Hosted on a cloud to drive down your maintenance headaches and enable better benchmarking.

Completely secure

The system is hosted on a highly secure Amazon cloud. Developed in compliance to all PHI data security requirements.

License based usage

You only pay as long as you use it. This ensures that we constantly innovate to keep you happy and interested.

Lightweight service oriented architecture

to ensure better response times.

Architected for scalability

Our architecture ensure that the system grows with you. It also ensures that we can quickly customise the application for you.

Pricing Plans


  • 100 - 1000
  • 1001 - 5000
  • 5000 onward

Annual Licensing* (Year 2 onward)

  • $100 + $10 / employee
  • $1000 + $10 / employee
  • $2500 + $10 / employee

Annual Licensing* - Per User

  • $10 / Employee
  • $8 / Employee
  • $6 / Employee
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* This includes all charge hosting, service, amc etc

Contact Us

Maybe you are having difficulty developing effective Wellness programs for your organizaion, maybe you find it difficult jusifying your Wellness spend, maybe it is a challenge to get employees to take Wellness seriously, maybe you went through our site and felt that we are promising the impossible or maybe you are simply curious?
Any which way just give us a call or simply drop a mail we'd LOVE to show you what we've come up with. And we can assure you - you'll LOVE interacting with us and with what we have to offer!